To improve the efficiency of our personals, we give our priolity to the welfare of our staffs, because we believe that they must be happy. So they can work happily. That’s why we prepare different welfares to our staffs, Beside The Normal Wage and welfares that our staffs gained by law. Our staffs still gain surplus of privilege.

1. Main Welfare according to the Law.
2. Special Welfare
  • Free 3 Uniforms every year
  • Skill Incentive every month
  • Annual Physical Checkup
  • Wedding Gift
  • First Boen Baby’s Gift
  • Special Attending Reward
  • Lunch is compatible
  • Get well Gift
  • Scholarship for The son of daughter of our Staff
  • Special interest plan for housing loan with ur Contradted Bank
  • Special housing support for the first house
  • They can buy our product at staff’s price

* Special Welfare is not permanant welfare, it depends on year by year policy

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